I’ve set some of my own tunes into permanence, and made studio contributions for a few other acts. These are the Lee Schofield recording highlights…

and the Countryside, Lee Schofield


I finished recording this album, Lee Schofield & The Countryside in 2011 (it took me a while).

You can buy it from iTunes.

Or you can listen and download it from my bandcamp page


I Hold My Breath - EP, Artisan

I used to play in a band called artisan with Mr Joe Steer, more recently playing under the moniker of Broadcast 2000.

We wrote some songs together. This EP is the best of them.

You can get this from iTunes, if you like.


Harbour, Olfar


I had the great pleasure of playing with Olfar for a little while, who now calls himself Lowpines. It was fun.

I play and sing a bit on this album. It’s completely ace.

Buy it from iTunes